November 7 2019 solstice astrology

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Sadly, there are nearly fifty names and it wraps around me thrice, dangling almost to my waist. The candies for trick or treating are in lieu of gifts to honour the dead, and to distract and appease those who would rise from the grave on this day of no barrier to make mischief. Candles are lit on each night with a prayer for all of those who have gone before. Celebrates the end of darkness, the return of light to the earth Gifts celebrated the sharing of the remaining harvest now that light would return Ceremonies involve Mistletoe, burning of the Yule log Icelandic tradition Wreath day is the first of four Sundays before Winter Solstice Colours: Green, red, white, silver, gold Evolved into a Christmas celebration Notes: The Druids felt the sun stood still for twelve days during this season and the Yule log was burnt to insure light for those days.

What we like to do: It is difficult to remember the somber celebration of the end of winter amongst today's commercialized holiday glitz. This holiday more than any other serves to remind us of the cycle of life, all things in their season, just as this year, this winter, this life, is nearing it's end, only to be renewed with a new season, a new year and new life.

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Candles are lit on each night with a prayer for the return of light and life. Imbolc ihm-olk Imbolg or Oimelc Traditional date: Feb 2 Actual astrological date: Feb 2 in Midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox Second Celtic fire festival female Gaelic or Welsh "Imbolg" means "spring" have not confirmed Festival of Lights, St Brigid's Day Celebrates the quickening of spring, the end of winter, time of abundance of milk Time of planning and hopes, fire and purification are prominent factors Ceremonies involve water, candles pledges and planting a hope or a seed, making candles Burn your Christmas tree and light candles Colours: Red, orange, white Evolved into Groundhog Day: Scots looked for serpents leaving their winter holes.

A Gaelic hag goddess, who rules the winter months, Cailleach, gathers her firewood for the rest of the winter. If the day is sunny, she gathers a great deal of wood, thusly the winter will continue for some time. If the day is rainy, she will not gather much wood and the remaining winter will be short. Notes: Candlemas was a Christian holiday, 40 days after the nativity of Christ, as the day Jesus's mother, Mary, would have attended her purification ceremony after the birth of her son.

Observed Feb 2 by the Western churches. Oft times, we try to burn one day past the actual astrological date as well. Candles are lit on each night with a prayer for reawakening and rebirth of all. June 20, to Aug. September 14 to September 28, Full Moon in Pisces. July 2 to July 16, Solar Eclipse in Cancer. July 16 to July 31, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. June 3 to June 17, New Moon in Gemini. June 17 to July 2, Full Moon in Sagittarius.

May 4 to May 18, New Moon in Taurus. May 18 to June 3, Full Moon in Scorpio.

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April 5 to April 19, New Moon in Aries. April 19 to May 4, Full Moon in Libra 2. March 6 to March 20, New Moon in Pisces.

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

March 20 to April 5, Full Moon in Libra 1. February 5 to February 19, New Moon in Aquarius.

Important Astrological Dates for 12222

February 19 to March 6, Full Moon in Virgo. January 5 to January 21, Solar Eclipse Capricorn. January 21 to February 5, Lunar Eclipse in Leo. December 7 to December 22, New Moon Sagittarius. November 7 to November 23, New Moon in Scorpio. November 23 to December 7, Full Moon in Gemini. October 8 to October 24, New Moon in Libra. October 24 to November 7, Full Moon in Taurus. September 9 to September 24, Transits Only. September 24 to October 8, Full Moon in Aries. August 11 to August 26, Solar Eclipse in Leo.

August 26 to September 9, Transits Only. July 12 to July 27, Solar Eclipse in Cancer. July 27 to August 11, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

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June 13 to June 28, New Moon in Gemini. June 28 to July 12, Full Moon in Capricorn. April 15 to April 29, New Moon in Aries. April 29 to May 15, Full Moon in Scorpio.

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  5. March 17 to March 31, New Moon in Pisces. March 31 to April 15, Full Moon in Libra. February 15 to March 1, Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. March 1 to March 17, Full Moon in Virgo. During the times that the nodal axis falls in the Jupiter and Mercury signs, we have a strong foundation in learning from life's impositions as well as from our own mistakes. We win some, we lose some; that is an eternal truth. Our reactions to the uncontrollable situations in life are where we learn the most about who we really are.

    Venus moves into Scorpio, following Mercury who is soon to station and begin a retrograde cycle which will put space between Venus and Mercury as Venus moves into the deep and cold, icy waters of Scorpio and Mercury moves back toward Mars and Sun in the sign of Libra. Thus begins a new phase for Venus, recently emerged from a long combustion with the Sun that shifted her appearance from morning to evening. She also emerges from combustion in good dignity in her own sign, supported by friendly Mercury.

    Venus governs the realms of relationships, social contracts, human inspiration and the spark of connection that creates bonds between people. The signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius that are coming up on her transit agenda could provide some challenging backdrops as we humans continue to desire all things Venus. As Venus joins Mercury in the early degrees of Scorpio, Mercury is in an exchange with Mars, creating a flexible bridge of strong creative energy that could be channeled toward almost anything.

    At the same time, Jupiter is approaching the final degree of Scorpio, readying to transition to his own sign of Sagittarius, where he faces a whole new set of issues as Saturn and Ketu are still closely joined.

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    This will be the last period of time where we are enjoying the exchange of signs between Jupiter and Ketu, who together rule the concept of lineage. This exchange will not occur again until By November 7, Jupiter and Mercury will have moved out of Scorpio, leaving Venus to do her thing unfettered for about a week until the Sun also moves into Scorpio on November This is a good time to withdraw a bit from social situations and find some inner calm and intuitive inspiration. Artistic or creative projects may flourish by cutting away distractions and focusing on the process.

    On the relationship front, it is a good time to re-assess the value of making efforts to connect, which may bring up the urge to cut ties with some and reinvigorate relationships with others. The Sun, as significator of the individual self and ego will be simultaneously in Venus' sign, Libra until November 16, which makes it a good opportunity to identify how relationships are serving the individuals and how the unions are nourishing or not.

    By this time, we may be feeling a bit weary of all the shifting about, working and traveling that may have occurred through October.

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    All the planets will be hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, save Saturn who joins Ketu. The Moon when waning, dark and new struggles to feed us, which leads to feeling tired, uninspired or vulnerable. Finally, the Moon and Sun find themselves in Swati nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and also receiving the aspect of Rahu from Gemini. This could be a very shaky time where we doubt everything about our new directions.

    Don't let this temporary shadow ruin the firm foundations that you are building. This is an opportunity to practice mental stability. Bring out all the tools and tricks you have to keep yourself calm and balanced despite the illusions of vulnerability, instability or weakness that may prevail during this time. The final exciting Halloween prank of October will be Mercury taking retrograde motion around mid-day on October Libra is a good environment for Mercury and will be his location for most of November, where he joins Mars, giving us some energy to get and keep things moving.

    However, we need to remember that adding retrograde motion to Mercury heightens the energy, which can be channeled for amazing results, but if not strongly directed, could result in a well oiled machine that turns into a jerking mess.

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    The other factor to consider is that Rahu currently sits in Gemini, giving his aspect to the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius. This puts the new Moon of October 27 under the influence of Rahu as well as retrograde Mercury once he returns to Libra on November 7.

    This period of time will not be supportive of initiating important new ventures. Since this initiates on October 31, the point is to try and get things going in October if possible. Mercury retrograde can be fine for keeping things going, refining current procedures or editing works in progress with a good amount of caution and discipline. Beware of Rahu's influence as he can give us the most brilliant ideas mixed in with the very worst.

    Try to keep things slow and deliberate even though things may seem urgent at the time. Haste may make waste. We will pick up the November forecast with Mercury as he rides around Scorpio in reverse, wearing a witch's costume, spouting the most beautiful poetry you ever heard. Kerry Shamblin Vedic Astrology. Planetary Influence.