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On the fashion front, some new winter looks could seriously add to your skyrocketing allure. Once Mercury corrects course on the 6th, you can spring for a tiger-print coat or athleisure with seductive, cutaway panels. Home Beauty. Courtney Love Called Me. Aries Daily Horoscope.

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Taurus Daily Horoscope. Gemini Daily Horoscope. Virgo Daily Horoscope. Some astrologers worry that when Saturn and Pluto are together, danger of the rise of totalitarian dictatorship is strong in nations around the world. Admittedly, that could be a concern.

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Often, planets will test our commitment to certain values, so this year, we may have to fight hard for our belief in democracy. Neptune, seeing this situation developing with Saturn and Pluto, will rush in and build agreement with these two, softening the effect. Saturn and Pluto will work beautifully with Neptune all year, for Saturn and Pluto will almost be joined together at the hip like Siamese twins. When Neptune beams one planet so close to another, it is as though he is beaming them both, so what happens to one planet will happen to the other.

Horoscope 12222

Neptune is known to cleanse, bring creative thinking, and add a spiritual quality to all it touches. Thank goodness for Neptune, for without his care, Saturn and Pluto together can put up quite a united front of force, but Neptune will soften this aspect. Last year, Saturn, the planet that stabilizes all it touches, worked closely with unpredictable Uranus, adding encouragement and backing for new scientific discoveries and technical, digital innovation. This year, Saturn will work with Neptune to help the arts flourish and add stability to them. One of the other biggest and most important features of will be the entry of Uranus in Taurus for the first time since to Taurus is a sign associated with money and wealth.

Uranus will remain in that sign for seven years, starting March 6, , until April 25, During this time, Uranus, planet of innovation that strikes like lightning, will bring new ways of globally dealing with all sorts of money.

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Bitcoin and encryption are only part of the story—Uranus rules sudden, unexpected developments and also electronic, scientific discoveries of all kinds. We will have to wait to see what comes. Good-fortune planet Jupiter will be in the sign he loves and rules—Sagittarius. This means you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter in a natural way, easily, and that he will have a strong presence in your chart. Jupiter in fire-sign Sagittarius will be especially helpful if you are a Sagittarian, Aries, or Leo, or air-sign Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.

Yet all signs will benefit—I am splitting hairs here. In Sagittarius, Jupiter will help the publishing and broadcasting industries and the entire international travel market as well, including airlines, cruise lines, and railroads. Often energy will ping across the skies in a straight line to signs degrees apart, for example, from Sagittarius to Gemini, the reason I say automotive may prosper. This will give a turn of outstanding golden luck to the earth signs, especially to Capricorn, but also to Virgo and Taurus, as well as to the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces earth and water signs go together well.

Capricorns have been particularly pressured, but their situation will move from dark and working too much to bright and happy once Jupiter comes knocking. For detailed information for your Sun sign and also your rising sign read for both , you may want the digital or paperback version of my book, The Year Ahead by Susan Miller for Kindle , now available on all international Amazon sites in your native country. Our theme is Women of the World, depicting women from many ethnicities.

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Read your full horoscope for all star signs, forecasting for love, money, career, style and more every Tuesday. This week is going to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. You will be confronting any relationship fears head on, and your close interactions with others will push you to grow as a person. It will be important that you air your deeper feelings rather than try to run away from them.

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  • Today Venus moves into Scorpio. You will want to create greater intimacy, but you may find yourself trying to control the outcome too much. Love life shake ups will continue over the weekend as Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus.

    Daily Horoscope - Today’s Free Horoscope 2nd October | Vogue India

    Keep an eye on your spending habits though, because you might end up splurging unexpectedly. This full moon will be about striking a balance between needing your own independence and being open to sharing your life with someone else. Full moons are about releasing whatever is no longer serving you, so any negative relationship and dating patterns will have to go. You may encounter some relationship frustrations along the way as you work through any anxieties you have surrounding intimacy. Read your weekly Horoscope below. The full moon happening in your sign might leave you more emotional than usual as you try to figure out how you can be with someone while still holding on to your independence.

    Taurus, you are taking some time to yourself this week. With the full moon happening in your 12th house, you are being asked to slow down to avoid burning out. Meanwhile, as Venus moves into your 7th house, you could also be welcoming new romance into your life, and you will find it easier to smooth over any relationship problems that arise. Meanwhile, with Venus moving into your 6th house and facing off with Uranus, there could be some positive advancements at work.

    You might receive helpful feedback on a project, or coworkers will be friendlier than usual. With the full moon happening in your 10th house, you will have to pull yourself away from your emotions to focus on work. You are going through a period of career development, so you might be setting new long-term goals for yourself. With Venus moving into your 5th house, you will be embracing the real you.