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  1. Khaldea Ephemeris 1931
  2. Astrologer Jonathan Cainer took cocaine before he died from a heart attack, coroner told
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Khaldea Ephemeris 1931

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  8. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance. More remarkable still are other notes that he left right at the end of the book: biographical information about himself, his mother, his patrons and other people as yet unidentified. These notes reveal many tantalising details.

    Astrologer Jonathan Cainer took cocaine before he died from a heart attack, coroner told

    He records that he started working as an astrologer for William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke — in February Only a handful of these notes, written in tiny and rather difficult handwriting, have so far been deciphered. The last page of the book was for some time pasted down to the back cover; in the early 20th century this page was lifted up again, but some of the writing was lost in the process, making it even harder to read.

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