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It is easier than usual to break free from habits that have previously held you back from going after what you want in life. As well, if you are not getting the results you crave, consider that you might be aiming too high or too wide. You can be feeling pleasantly attached to projects or people this year. However, Venus opposes Uranus around the time of your birthday, and some disruptions in your friendships and attachments are possible this year.

Unusual attractions to people and things can have you acting on a whim. You may deal with freedom versus closeness issues in your relationships. It may be that you experience sudden changes or breakups with a friend or lover. However, the chance of a sudden new friendship is just as likely. At the root of this is a stronger taste for the unusual. What is familiar is less exciting to you than what is new and different.

If a relationship seems to threaten your sense of freedom, you may have an easy time separating from it.

Horoscope for today, August 11, 2019, Sunday - Lucky August 2019 For Love, Wealth, and Welfare

Some fireworks in wither or both your social and financial lives are to be expected, keeping things fresh and exciting. The best way to handle this energy is to open yourself up to the need for change in your love life or with regards to how you spend and make money—or both.

Daily Tarot Reading + Numerology Horoscope For Friday, January 11, 12222 For All Zodiac Signs

Jupiter trines the North Node in your Solar Return, suggesting fortunate connections are likely to be made this year—connections that benefit you now and down the road and that enhance your chances of success at achieving your goals. A new relationship with someone that helps to broaden your horizons, expand your mind, and deepen your personal philosophy of life is very likely.

The year ahead can be an especially pioneering and enterprising one. You are exploring new things, interests, places, and situations this year, and this suits you well! Even so, there can be some disruptions in your social life as you explore new options. Creativity blossoms in this period of your life and your personal appeal is through the roof. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It's a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity.

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You are especially able to attract others--and material things as well--this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and the home. Advice - develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire. Ruled by Neptune.

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  • The idea may sound somewhat risky and novel to you, but if you act on it, you can give a new turn to your career. The time is right to take risks and go after what you really want to do with your life rather than sticking to the safe and narrow path. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Leo weekly and Leo monthly horoscope. To read Leo horoscope in Hindi, see Simha rashifal today. Related Links.

    Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

    Get your birth chart based on your birth date. Are you manglik? Check its presence in your birth chart. Marriage horoscope matching based on kundli milan.

    Your Horoscope This Week

    Spending time with friends or colleagues can give you the edge you need to go next level. You may find that it might require you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, but well worth the effort. Gemini, with so much to learn there's no reason to dig into the past for you to make a dent in the present day or future. Forward thinking can get you where you need to go.

    Research new trends. Consider trying something new and you may find it favorable to your situation. Cancer, the last person you would expect to come through for you may surprise you. Listen to your heart if you feel it necessary to forgive and forget a person who did you wrong, but also remember that it takes time for people to change. Let people prove themselves by their actions little by little before you let all guards down.

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    Leo, the way you handle your body and mind shows much about how you feel towards yourself. If you have neglected your healing or not taken as much time as you need to honor your self, make a subtle change in that practice today. Little adjustments including how much time you spend with your beloved pets can also give you back so much more than you give. Virgo, joy is always available but you have to look for it.

    Daily Horoscopes: September 11, - VICE

    Today, search for new ways to find joy in the everyday. From the little things in life that you often take for granted such as a home and a roof over your head, to the way that you have been uniquely gifted to help others. All these things can show you ways to celebrate your life and bring you happiness. Libra, a conversation with someone in leadership can bring you a big take away message that strikes to the heart of home. Your desire to have harmony and peace can be challenged today.

    It's important to get centered and stay on top of what matters most for you when you need to be reminded of the good that's out there in the world. Scorpio, talking to others, sending emails and getting important conversations going may be the role that you play.