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They have very developed instincts and good intuition. Such people are able to feel right directions and right decisions. They have visual memory. It is always better for them to draw and to write information they get. If you were born on this day, philosophy plays a great role in your life. You partly live in the world of spirits. It influences your behavior greatly. You feel you know more than just terrestrial life. Your super intuition makes you a brilliant detective, art worker, healer or lawyer. From birth, those born under Number 29 have a serious outlook on life.

They are usually self-contained and focused on themselves. They are wise, and people feel this wisdom. They have a huge potential of energy and a gift to inspire people. From a material point of view they are lucky in life, and money do not matter to them much. People of Number 29 are interested in money just because they can provide safety and security of existence in achieving personal goals. In disputes they lead a reasonable argument and do not use any dishonest methods. Despite their sense of tact, when it comes to the important things, they speak boldly regardless of the social status of their opponents.

Birthday Number 1: Independent personality with a talent to persuade

People of this Number are expressing themselves openly and directly, they are able to make the others feel their sincerity and determination. They may talk about many things, but anyway finally they will bring the conversation to the important subject. They are trying not to communicate with those who are not interesting to them. The ability to feel other people makes them compassionate, kind and gentle. They love beauty and harmony.

Birthday Number 29

They have everything to achieve their glory and success. Work for the good of others brings them material and spiritual satisfaction. You should. Chances are these kinds of things will vibrate well with you and naturally compliment the vibrations of your numbers. The number 2 accentuates your sensitivity to detail. Your ability to do so could be impeded by a number of factors, though.

Luckily your 4 nature also adds to your determination and gives you the wherewithal to step back and examine the situation reasonably and pragmatically. Sometimes you may find it necessary to step back and let things happen. Other times you may have an epiphany and find yourself playing the role of the true hero.

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Shrewd, exacting, metticulous — all of these describe 7 well. Understanding, education, striving for perfection are all qualities sought by people with this number. You are likely to be very proud but not necessarily arrogant.

Numerology - What Makes the Master Number 29/11 So Unique?

You may sometimes feel like no one else really understands you and that can lead to periods of depression. You can combat that by reading a good book, particularly nonfiction or a genre you haven't tried before.

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Learning new things can help regulate your emotional state. The number one accentuates the qualities of 7 making it necessary to check your attitude at the door. You are likely not to make great first impressions. People will accuse you of having a superiority complex. Keep your 6 traits close by in those moments. They will help you meet people in the middle and that will help them see you seeing THEM as equals.

That can lead to some great relationships, both business and personal. Your entire life is a big balancing act. The 2 can bring out obsessive-compulsive tendencies and make you relentlessly idealistic or perfectionistic. You also approach causes passionately and aggressively. If you believe in something your sense of idealism takes over. Your ambition coupled with an excess of vigor and stamina can lead to extremely big things.

Happy Birthday! - What Does Your Birthday Number Mean For You?

You put a lot of yourself into everything you do — you pour effort and emotion into everything from work to relationships to even the most mundane of tasks. You are passionate about your work but physical labor does not appeal to you. You are far more effective in intellectual, interpersonal and even emotional areas of work.

Your partner may feel intimidated by you and always feel like they stand in your shadow. There are, however ways around this if you are aware of their feelings and are able to wrangle your own. The individual nature of the 1 can amplify the qualities of the 8 and the 7 can as well. Let other people into your circle as much as possible.

Make room for different people and different personalities. Feed your affinity for dealing with emotional issues. It will help you give people the space they need and help you not be overly judgmental when forced to take sides. Your ambition is coupled with a sense of temperance that comes from the 2 and it is lent a sense of pragmatism and humanitarianism by the 6.

This can actually work well in favor of the lives you touch since your sense of personal accomplishment extends to other people through your efforts. Be careful, though, not to become a meddler. When you see something that is broken your reaction is to fix it. Nines tend to champion a particular degree of idealism.

Birth Day Number

They aren't happy unless and until everyone around them is happy. If you are a nine, think about how you view people. If you are a 9 chances are you are the one who over-tips the server at the restaurant, you give sacrificially to charities and even volunteer to make up for where your purse leaves off. You give with no thought of reward, but reward has its way of finding you and it does so through various manifestations. With the influence of 1 you are more likely to be benevolent or philanthropic toward causes that affect you directly or for which you have a particular passion.

Couple that with the influence of 8 and you might just be the one spearheading that cause or creating that charity! You are passionate yet you know how to temper your passions with realistic agenda.

You know how much time to devote to the things you do for others but you also understand that you need time to remain productive and to do something for yourself now and again. You also know how much money you want to give to charity but the bills always come first. You make sure that your month ends in the black so that you don't unwittingly wind up like the people you are trying to help! The significance of 11 is important here because it lends congruency to the nature of the 2.